Everyone in our company has his own
excellent competence for a task, and
experiences apart from joinery and woodcraft.
He always tries to create products
with a little different sense from others
in performing them, This is Tominaga Joiner!!

  • 平成元年



    ・京都西陣 阿波の職人集団による古材を生かした町屋住宅にて




    ・全国建具組合主催 第41回全国建具展示会において
    ・タウン誌 050 1月号「徳島、わが町」にて掲載
    ・タウン誌 050 7月号「とくしまの手仕事を巡る」にて掲載

    ・新建新聞社発行「輸入住宅2008」 近藤豊三郎の建築にて掲載
    ・徳島グラフ発行「徳島グラフ」 阿波指物師にて掲載

    ・タウン誌050 2月号「徳島の底力」にてテレビ東京テレビチャンピオンズ
    ・「NHKハート展」にて東京芸大 たほりつこ先生とコラボレーショーン
  • 平成22年
    ・「木の街・木のいえリレーフォーラム イン西条」に於て
    東京大学 安藤教授 京都大学 今村教授とパネリストとして参加
    ・(株)竹中工務店 ナイス(株)横浜鶴見THE ROYALTOWERゲストルーム施工

    ・愛媛県西条市(株)西条産業情報支援センター S-WBC技術員会委員

    ・徳島そごうにて秋の夜長展 個展開催
    ・台湾 木童(コドウ) 郭先生に於て講演を行う
    ・瀬戸内国際芸術祭 野村正人建築研究所の下で参加
    ・無添加建具・家具 発表
    ・マテバシイ普及推進協会 理事に就任

    ・フランス ジャパンエキスポ15「WABI-SABI」に出展
    ・「木の種」 台湾設計士メンバーに参加

    ・ウッドデザイン賞2018受賞 木育教育部門
    ・ソーシャルデザイン部門 社会科学習「木育教室」
    ・台湾 嘉義市にて講演 嘉義市政府より感謝状を賜る
    ・とくしま木づかいアワード 木づかいプロダクト部門 準グランプリ受賞

    ・COOL JAPAN AWARD 2019 受賞
1989(the1st year of Heisei)
Awa joinery works were inspected by Emperor Heisei at tree-planting ceremony in Tokushima

1991(the 3rd year of Heisei)
A collaboration of a Shigayaki ware potter Mr.Yasumasa Okuda and Awe joinery works at Tokyo “shop-gardener”

1998(the 10th year of Heisei)
Announced an original wood kitchen featuring Away Otani pottery

2001(the 13th year of Heisei)
Announced furniture joinery made of cedars of Tokushima at the 1st Kininaru Tokushima Festival in Tokyo
Announced fixtures with kumite(wooden joints) falling on all sides in the traditional townhouses
at Nishijin, Kyoto(these houses were renovated by Tokushima carpenters with re-used wooden materials)

2002(the 14th year of Heisei)
Announced a series of paper-framed lamps by Awa joiners at the 2ne Tokushima Festival in Tokyo
A lecture “Space design with fixture skills of Tokushima” at meeting to study wooden structures at Tokyo University
Installation “Autumn in Japan” by Awa joiners at the 3rd Tokushima Festival in Tokyo

2003(the 15th year of Heisei)
Received recognition of an excellent technical expert from Toshiko Kawaguchi,
exhibited Awa joinery works for “Light Message 2003” at Axis Gallery in Tokyo

2006(the 18th year of Heisei)
A work “Tenshin” won the president’s award of the association for technician of Japan
at the 40th national fixture exhibition in Tokushima
A lecture “Away joiners’ skills; orchestrate at a meeting to study wooden structures at Tokyo University

2007(the 19th year of Heisei)
A work “Shouryu-shoji” won the chairman’s award of the national fixture exhibition
It was carried in the article “our town Tokushima” in the January issue of a local magazine 050
and again in “introducing handiwork in Tokushima” in its July issue

2008(the 20th year of Heisei)
An architect Mr.Toyosaburo Kondo reported Awa joinery in the article “imported houses 2008” in the Shinken Press
Held an exhibition “joiners in the pulse of a new era” at the exhibition studio Yamamoto in Takamatsu city
The article Awa joiners was carried in the Tokushima Graph
Held an exhibition “Yayoi; a flash inspiration of joiner at the exhibition studio Yamamoto in Takamatsu city

2009(the 21st year of Heisei)
Participated in an program of TV Tokyo “the competition for the carpenter king” asa member of
the English team and that performance was printed as potential talent of Tokushima in the February issue of the magazine 050
A collaboration with Ms Ritsuko Taho of Tokyo University of the Arts at NHK exhibition “Dive To Heart”
Joiners’ works were displayed at Karan exhibition
A lecture “development of wood protective paints with organic composite ceramic resin” at Tokyo University
Made outdoor bench tables at Tokushima Zoo

2010(the 22nd year of Heisei)
In the relay forum on city of trees and wood house, with professor Ando of Kyoto University, I participated as a panelist
For Takenaka corporation and Nice corporation, constructed guest rooms in the Yokohama Tsurumi Royal Tower
Received Tokushima Mayors’ Award at Tokushima exhibition of fixtures

2011(the 23rd year of Heisei)
A committee member at technician association at Saijo Industry & Information centre for support
Received the Tokushima Govener’s Prize at the Tokushima fixture exhibition

2012(the 24th year of Heisei)
Held a solo exhibition “the lengthening nights of autumn” at Tokushima Sogo department store
Gave a lecture at the meeting “wood green circuit” at Tokyo University
A collaboration with Mr. Yuzo Minami of Sugiita architect office at passive designed Mr. Kato’s residence
A lecture on Taiwan Kodo with Mr.kaku

2013(the 25th year of Heisei)
Took the post of director of Tokushima timber furniture cooperative
Participated in Setonaikai international arts festival with Masato Nomura building research institute
Announced additive-free fixtures and furniture
Elected highly recommended house renovation by an architect Ms Atsuko Ohike
A house designed by Mr.Shunji Ishiba received a special award at Osaka Gas housing design award
Took a post of director of association of promoting lithocarpus

2015(the 25th year of Heisei)
Exhibited Awa joinery works at Japan Exposition 15”Wabi-Sabi” in France
Participated in the Taiwan licensed designer “Seeds of Trees”
Was officially commended as a master craftsman of Awa(Tokushima Prefecture)

2018(the 30th year of Heisei)
Received good design award 2018 in the section of promoting wood
A lecture at National Taiwan University of science and Technology
Received social design award for wood promotion class in social studies
A lecture in Chiayi city, Taiwan and received a letter of appreciation from the municipal office
Received the Semi-Grand Prix of Tokushima wood products in wood products section

2019(the 1st year of Reiwa)
Exhibited Awa joiners’ works at Maison et Objet exhibition in Paris
Received cool JAPAN AWARD 2019


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